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image College and University Specialists
We excel at developing cleaning programs in challenging settings. Flexibility and timing are key for facilities under the stress of 24/7 demands. Learn More

K-12 School Systems
Wondering how to optimize your staffing levels and deal with tightening budgets? Benchmarking and process planning are the answers. Learn More


image In-house cleaning organization?
Years in the trenches at many of America's Fortune 500 companies gives us an experience base relatively unique in the industry. Learn More

Wondering about your contractor?
Benchmark your properties to ensure your cleaning dollar is spent wisely, and monitor contractors to ensure you receive quality services. Learn More


image Industrial Economics is one of our Specialties

10 years of direct cleaning program management at one of America's brand name companies provides us with insight on today's manufacturing specific economic pressures. Industrial cleaning presents industrial strength challenges. We have the experience to assist with your specialized cleaning needs. Learn More

Health Care

image Health Care Support Services

Health care is rapidly becoming the predominant industry in America. Our inspection systems and program design skills can assist your organization in providing high quality service and cost effective cleaning.

Hospitals, clinics, pharmaceuticals or research - we can help.   Learn More

Delivering Focus to your Facility Operations

In today's ever tightening economy, it is wise to ensure that your facility cleaning resources are allocated correctly to the tasks at hand. FocalPoint Logistics specializes in helping you zero in on your personnel, processes and material to maximize janitorial performance and quality.

We are a leader in Service Logistics consulting. Benchmark staffing to industry levels and design a program to fit your budget. Improve your absentee coverage and balance your individual assignment loads. Monitor your contractors for optimum performance. Implement a successful quality improvement process with real-time data collection. Accomplish all of this and save money.

Whether you need all or some of our janitorial consulting services, we can help!


Save Money on Outsourcing

imageDecrease costs and improve quality with your contractor.  In-house vs. outsourcing cost comparisons.    Learn More

Focal Point

imagefo·cal point noun. The point at which all elements or aspects converge; center of activity or attention.


Flexibility is an Essential Goal

imageProper benchmarking and program design can build in flexibility for absentee coverage. Learn More


imagelo·gis·tics (-tiks) noun. The overall management of the way resources are moved to the areas where they are required.

FocalPoint Logistics - Janitorial Consulting Services for Business and Academia