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We're happy you decided to visit our web site. And we're betting this Fees page was one of your first clicks. For most clients, cost is one of their primary concerns, and with good reason. Running a cleaning organization of any size is expensive. Cleaning is labor and equipment intensive with sizable consumable costs. It requires good structure and management. Cleaning is a demand constant business that cannot be stockpiled or put on delay. Everyone is looking for ways to make sure their janitorial costs are in line with the economic reality of today's world. With that in mind...

What if we told you the cost of our services are nil?

Now don't close the web page. This isn't a late night infomercial. We're being serious.

Our net cost can be zero because we can usually save our clients enough money to cover the cost of our services. In many cases, several times the cost in savings. All that is needed is a phone call or email from you, some hard work and your commitment to see it through to fruition. What's more, keep in mind that the savings we identify for you will be annuities. Saved in every year's budget, it can really stack up. Now, we can't make any promises until we talk to you and get a look, but this has been our past experience.

Saving money can cost you nothing. Now that's a powerful thing.


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